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nyakach mixed primary school is a learnig center that offers awholistic development  to the child.the school is stuated on one of the raised lands called nyabondo plateau. This is one of the plateaus found in western kenya.

school motto

sweat for success.


to provide education for life.

school misson.

To instil and equip the learners with the relevant skills that will make them overcome challengesn in life.

 Teachers in the school.

Malan Onyango.

Isca A .Obonyo

Danice Rachar

Teresa Amimo Paul Mwamu

Kenneth Onyango

Henry Ochieng

 Tom Obunge 

Pamela Muga

Molly Onyango

Erick Arocho


Collince Abok

School Facilities

The school  has the following  facilities.  

          2  permanent toilets

          3 semi permanent  toilets.

          3 Plastic  water tanks  of different capacities.

          9 classrooms with delapi.dated  walls  and floors.Roofs are also worn out.

Calender  of events

The  school  hasits calender of events other than the one  provided  by the ministry  education.

  At the beggining of the year  the school offers  interviews for new  incoming learners.There is continous  assessment tests done  by classas  6,7and 8 on  monthly basis.Midterm  tests for the whole school (1-8) is also done.

There is also  an organized examination  done by six scools namely base claster schools.

Zonal exams are also orgaized by the zonal academic board and are done at the end of every term. The School also participate in co-curriculum


The fees

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